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We are the original CrossFit gym in the Montgomery/Conroe area featuring the most experienced coaches with over 30 years of training experience. With over 36 classes per week, CAP CrossFit is a place for people to become healthy, functional, and simply perform better by training across all 10 fitness domains. These include cardiovascular/respiratory, stamina, strength, power, speed, agility, balance, accuracy, flexibility, and coordination. We are here to serve the community and improve each life one workout at a time. The uniqueness of CrossFit as a fitness platform lies in it’s unparalleled intensity producing unparalleled results by teaching sound nutrition principles, metabolic conditioning,  gymnastic movements,  weight lifting, and encouraging a variety of sports. CAP CrossFit is a welcome center for all who want to progress & achieve with exciting workouts that are constantly varied, high-intensity, and involve functional movements.
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Delma Talley
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For everyone that is on the ropes about starting CrossFit, the answer is just go check it out. Everyone here at CAP are just ordinary people but also very helpful. I started CrossFit a little over two years ago after a 4-month battle with cancer/chemo. While I was doing my chemo at MD Anderson, I told my wife that when I got better, I wanted to change me. I wasn't happy with myself. Finished chemo 10/15...started CrossFit 1/16.  Day 1 - thought I was going to die!  Coach Kim Love encouraged me and trained me in the proper way to perform the movements that we do in CrossFit. She helped me with my diet plan as well. I embraced the hard times of getting in shape to, now, CrossFit at 5:30am at CAP being the best hour of my day. I never was the gym type growing up, but I was always active. I will be 45 in July and have never felt better. We work together as a group at CAP and everything is structured so you don't have to wander around and guess at what to do.  Well, hope to see you at our box. Make the new you a fit one!"
Corey Summer 

It's funny because I never in a million years have ever been one to workout, for any reason. But CAP CrossFit came into my life and I can't tell you how much it's helped me. I joined mostly for the same reason as anyone else would. I wanted to tone my body and become stronger. Never did I imagine it to make me feel as good as I do today! Not only is my body getting stronger, my mind is also becoming just as strong. It makes you want to push yourself not only while you're at the gym, but in life as well. It makes you realize what you can accomplish with a strong mind. It's one of the best things that has happened to me and i would recommend it for anyone."
Rielli Featheringham
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